What is butterfly?... 

butterfly is a social media app designed by young creatives

butterfly allows users to realise life's possibilities, whilst remaining true to the values of inclusion, community spirit and generally getting out there and having fun

We are hub for creatives to showcase their talents, collaborate on ideas and be discovered

We connect users based on location, interests, passions and skills - or any combination thereof

If this ticks your boxes - then...

butterfly is an app for PEOPLE LIKE YOU!



(Fiona - I would use either the top or the bottom one, not both - it seems too wordy all together)


Who is butterfly for?


Designed and built for all creatives : artists, musicians, film makers, dancers, poets, graphic designers, gin makers... 

butterfly is also for anyone else who has a passion, an interest, a dream they wish to follow, explore and even maybe one day fulfill

So whether you are a fashion photographer that happens to love making cocktails, a graphic designer who wants to start a boy band or an artist that needs help finding a studio - butterfly is where it begins