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our story

our story 

People talk about kitchen start ups but honestly that's where butterfly was born.

I happen to like kitchens. They are the heart of a home - the place where everyone: family, friends, guests, dogs can spend time together  - digesting daily life in all of its aspects.

Although we come from different backgrounds - myself science and finance, Ali music and Dijon art and whilst we don't agree on all topics - politics for example - we are united in our fundamental belief that humanity involves supporting one another; of contributing, sharing - giving something back - building community spirit -  making that difference. And we laugh a lot!

So whats the connection?

Well, we love the creative arts in all of its forms. We love and admire the drive, passion, skill and imagination that goes into creating it. Stimulating, emotive, inspiring, humorous and even provocative - creativity makes us think and do. It defines us.

The statistics are clear -*Art degree students on completing their degrees hit the milk rounds, the recruitment fairs and no one wants a film student,a composer, an artist -  instead they want estate agents. So having amassed a wealth of knowledge, skill and debt you leave the cocoon of your studies filled with passion and hope but the likelihood of your art, your passion becoming your career is slim.

lt's partly timing,opportunity,luck and who you know. We created butterfly to help level the playing fields.

But creativity like passion isn't just for the young it's in our hearts and souls - whether we are 20 or 70 and butterfly wasn't built to dictate but to encourage, support and inspire. We are simply the custodians.

So if you love being an estate agent but long to learn guitar,write poetry or bake cakes or you haven't got a creative bone in your body but love singing in the kitchen,laughing out loud at a great comedy sketch or eating mouthwatering food when you know you should be cutting back...then butterfly is for you!

I have painting of goats on my staircase - and - don't ask me why - but every time I walk past that painting it makes me smile and it feels good!

We've wracked our brains, held the focus groups, completed the beta testing and whilst we know we can always improve, we have built and designed butterfly so that its features and functionality help you find the connections you need: to be inspired, to realise your ambitions, maximise your potential and not just chase but live your dreams.

We have only two proviso's - you abide by our Terms and Conditions and you have fun along the way. 

We can't guarantee that you will be the next James Bond,Kate Moss or Damien Hirst but we will do our damnedest to help you succeed.

So whether you are an amateur,professional or unabashed enthusiast then butterfly is for People Like You!

Welcome to the world of butterfly.

Fiona Savory

Chairman, CEO and Co Founder


* Check out YouGov stats at -  they do some interesting stuff!