Effective date 25th May 2018


On the 25th May 2018, one of the biggest changes to UK and European Data Protection Legislation came into effect.

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR as it is more commonly known means that     you will have more control over how your data is used.

It requires all businesses, including Butterfly Life Ltd , that hold your personal data to provide you with certain information in relation to the lawful grounds for the ongoing processing of your personal data.

To reflect these changes and the new obligations we have updated our Privacy policy to further explain what we do with your personal data, how it is used and your rights as an individual under the new law.



                                                  Our Privacy Policy and Promise


Our Promise to you

Transparency - butterfly will always tell you how we collect and use your data and furthermore we will only share that data with trusted partners.

Security - butterfly is committed to following industry best practices to ensure your data is stored safely and securely.

Control - butterfly will always enable you to control any marketing you may now/ or in the future - receive from us and whether you should wish all or some of these to cease.


Our Privacy Policy

We know that watching paint dry is more exciting than reading this BUT please read this policy carefully. 

Why? Because it explains the type of information as a user of butterfly that we and some of the companies we work with, may collect from you and how it is used, shared and protected.

It will apply to all interactions you have with butterfly, its products and services; in relation to our mobile app on iOS and Android, our website(s) and any software provided on or in connection with butterfly's services (our Services) existing and operating now and in the future.

As a user of our Services you accept, agree and understand that in order to use butterfly as a platform for allowing other users to be matched with you in order to meet, collaborate, capture or be captured, have fun etc, that by posting your content; other users may search, look at, use or share any of your User content that you make publicly available through our Services, consistent with butterfly's terms and conditions within this Policy Agreement and our Terms of Use.

Okay, so the point here is to think before you post, upload or sync content.

Are YOU comfortable, happy or positively ecstatic that your friends but also users you don't know or hang out with yet, will be able to access your content? If not, don't do it.


We will collect:

1.1 On registering or signing in with butterfly we will collect your Username, Email address and any associated passwords.

1.2 All profile information that you provide - including  - your full name, age, gender, your picture, all and any landline,mobile phone numbers, URLs ( website's) you care to add as well as your location.

1.3 All photos, images, texts, voice and sound recordings, music and other user content material that you choose to upload to the Service.

1.4 Finding your matches on butterfly.

butterfly will locate matches based on your preferences and location : using 

1.4a your device's contact/address list and by accessing your location from your device settings

1.4b third party social media sites and or 

1.4c through butterfly's database of users.

We will collect information about the other users and groups you interact and communicate with, plus any contact information - an address book for example - should you create, upload or import from a device - such as a mobile, iPad, tablet, computer etc.

1.5 We will collect content and information about you from other users who use our Services, for example when sharing a photo, messaging you or importing your contact details.

1.6 Using third party analytics we will monitor and record how you use our Services, such as the content you view or engage with and including the duration and frequency of your visit to our mobile application or website(s).

1.7 We may use Cookies and or similar technologies to collect information about how you use butterfly and its features.

1.8 Depending on the permissions you have granted, we will collect and collate information from or about the computers, phones, tablets or other devices where you have installed or accessed butterfly's services; in a bid to provide consistent services.

Device information may include your device features such as the operating system, hardware version and settings.

Device location’s, through GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals. Your mobile phone number and name of your mobile phone operator, ISP ( Internet Service Provider ), IP ( Internet Protocol)  address, browser type, language and time zone.

Basically a ton of stuff.

We may use device identifiers to provide information to third party partners or ourselves.

1.9 Metadata collection. 

Should a user add metadata to their user content such as a hashtag or geotag linked to a photo or keyword in order to make the users content more accessible to other users, then this information may be stored and made public in accordance with the users privacy settings.

1.10 Transaction/ log file data.

When you visit a web page or connect to an app - it is automatically detected and reported by your browser on each occasion you visit.

butterfly and it servers when you access our Services through our app or website(s) will automatically record certain information, including your IP (Internet Protocol) address, URLs, browser type, the pages viewed, click throughs and more.

And what’s the point of this?

Well, it will assist us in preventing abuse and support us at butterfly in providing you and other users with a more bespoke, improved and all round cooler experience.

What's not to like!


We know it sounds corny but at butterfly we genuinely want you to have the best and most rewarding user experience possible when using the butterfly app or accessing our website(s). 

We can do this most effectively if we can access and use all of the data made available to us by you, other users and dedicated third parties. This allows us to understand you and your needs better and as such interact with our Services more productively. 

2.1 For example, we will remember and use the information you previously entered on sign up to speed up access to our Services. We will also allow and enable the user to edit his or her preferences, descriptions, location and even delete their account.

2.2 We will provide and share the users personalised content and information with the user themselves and other users.

2.3 Use the information gathered to provide, improve and expand our Services. For example suggesting matches based on your preferences and location or by adding new features to improve the user experience.

2.4 We may conduct surveys and research in a bid to test features in development and make improvements to our Services.

2.5 We will analyse such and all other information gathered to evaluate, monitor and improve the features of our Services.

2.6 We will use such data to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix technological problems.

2.7 To inform you of marketing campaigns and communicate with you about our Services and those of third parties. We will use the data supplied and gathered to run contests, special offers and invites to hangouts and events organised by and through our Services, other users or dedicated third parties.

2.8 To provide application upgrades and updates on your device(s).

2.9 We may use the data supplied and gathered to run contests, special offers and invites to hangouts and events organised by and through our Services, other users or dedicated third parties.

2.10 Promoting safety and security.

We at butterfly are robust in promoting a safe and secure platform for all our users and will not tolerate abuse or violations as listed in our Terms of Use. butterfly ninjas if you like!

We will use the information supplied to verify accounts and monitor activity, removing content or blocking any user that does not adhere to our Terms of Use.


We will not sell, licence or share your information to or with third parties outside butterfly without your permission, except as referred to in this Policy or if requested by legal or governmental bodies.

We are just at the start of our journey to provide you with the best app user experience possible and that may mean whilst we do not have any affiliated companies now - we may have in the future and if so, we may share information with them.

The user should understand that by accepting our Terms of Use and Private Policy, information provided would be shared as explained in this Policy. 

Public information. 

butterfly is a social networking app, for users aged 17 and over, to post and share content publicly.

As such the very nature of our Services is to connect people, places, events and activities based on the information provided by all users.

Therefore, users should understand that any content, material uploaded or posted - other than private messages - could be accessed by other users. Search engines will be able to see the content you post. So if in doubt - leave it out!


As a user you can edit your details by going to your profile screen > edit your profile.

If you want to deactivate your account - you can do so by going to your profile screen and simply clicking on the "Deactivate my account" tab. If you deactivate your account, your profile will not be visible to other users and they won't be able to be matched or discover you. Some information however, such as group chats and messages may still be visible to others.

You can, however, reactivate your account by signing in again and all of your previously installed information will be restored. 

If sadly you wish to delete your account then please email us at:

Should your account be deleted then all content that you have uploaded, imported or added at any time will be removed and will not be able to be retrieved. It may take up to 90 days to delete all the data stored in backup systems.

However, we may store backups of your content on our servers, even after you have deleted it or your account, albeit it will not be visible or publicly accessible on butterfly.

Deleting your account or certain content does not mean than other users have not copied or shared on the app and on other parts of the Internet that are out with our control.

Furthermore please note that information that other users have shared about you is not included in your personal account and will not therefore be deleted when you delete your account.


You have the:

a/ Right to Object

To object and ask us not to use your personal data for direct marketing including profiling. Thats not relevant to how butterfly works now but in the future that may change - if so - now you know it's your call to say yes or no!

To object to processing for the purposes of scientific/historical research and statistics.

b/ Right of Access

You are entitled to access your personal data so that you can be aware of and can verify the lawfulness of the processing. This is achieved through the mechanism of a Subject Access Request or SAR and you have the right to obtain:

Confirmation that your data is being processed (held)

Access to your personal data (copy)

Other supplementary information that corresponds to the information in this Privacy Policy

c/ Fees and Timings

Under GDPR and from 25th May 2018 this information will be provided without charge, without delay and within one month. If an extension is required or requests are considered manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular because they are repetitive, then Butterfly Life Ltd may:

choose to charge a reasonable fee taking into account the administrative costs of providing such imformation or

refuse to respond - If the latter, the reasons will be formally notified to you and your rights of appeal to the appropriate Supervisory Authority ie UK Information Commissioner's Office will be highlighted - please see below for the ICO's contact details.

d/ Right of Rectification

You are entitled to have your personal data rectified or corrected if it is inaccurate or incomplete. You can edit such directly through the app but in the unlikely event this does not work please notify butterfly and we will respond within one month to your request. Should in the unlikely event this not be the case you have the right to complain or seek judicial remedy.

e/ Right of Erasure

You can through the app delete your account however you may also request the deletion or removal of personal data where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing. The Right of Erasure does not provide an absolute "right to be forgotten" .

However you do have the right to have personal data erased and to prevent processing in specific circumstances:

where your personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was originally collected/processed

when you withdraw consent

when you object to the processing and there is no overriding legitimate reason for continuing the processing

your personal data was unlawfully processed

your  personal data has to be erased to comply with a legal obligation

f/ to ask , in certain circumstances for the processing of that information to be blocked or restricted and

g/to ask , in certain circumstances for data portability

This privacy policy forms part of the Terms and Conditions for Users of butterfly. In legal terms users are "Data subjects" i.e You!

Butterfly Life Ltd is from a legal perspective is classed as a Data Controller.

Whilst Butterfly Life Ltd does not have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) the CEO has the responsibility for your data protection compliance. Please submit any requests to :


In the event of something happening to you, ideally in advance! -  please choose a family member or close friend to manage your account. Let us know who, by emailing us at:

Verification steps will also be required before any action re your personal data is taken.


Should the law require us to do so we may access, secure and share your information.

If at butterfly we deem that our Terms of Use have been violated or abused we reserve the right to remove content or delete your account profile at any time, with or without notice.

Should your account be terminated you will no longer have the right to access or use butterfly.

Should you encounter abusive behaviour or content that violates our Terms of Use, please report it immediately by emailing us at

We will look into and take the necessary action as soon as we can. This mailbox is strictly for abuse related matters so please don't clog it up with other stuff.

However, should you need help or want to make comments, ( polite please ) helpful suggestions or feedback then please do so by emailing us at


A cookie - no not an Oreo - is a small amount of data - a text file that is stored on your mobile device or computer, that specifically identifies and recognises your web browser or mobile device.

The length of time it remains on your device or computer depends on whether it is a "persistent " or "session' cookie. Persistent cookies stay on your mobile device or computer until they expire or are deleted, whilst Session cookies remain on your device or computer only whilst you are browsing.

Cookies and other similar technologies allow our servers to know when and how a device or site has been visited.

Cookies allow us to operate and provide our Services and improve your user experience through analysing the manner and frequency of the way you use our Services. If cookies are disabled, some or all of the functionality of our Services may be affected and not work properly.

We use cookies to identify our users, provide automatic log in ( after the users initial sign in ) remember choices and bespoke the users butterfly experience.

Other third party services and web sites may place cookies on your browser. Our Privacy policy only covers butterfly's use of cookies not cookies used by third parties.

Changes to butterfly's Privacy Policy

From time to time it may be necessary to modify or update our Policy, if these changes are significant enough - as opposed to a spelling mistake! We will send you a notification through the app and record the effective date. Please review these change(s) as should you continue to use our Services after this date, butterfly will deem that you have accepted the change(s).

9/ Any questions about our Privacy Policy , including any comments or requests to exercise your rights , then please do contact us by email or post as below - with the following information:

a/ your full name

b/ the email and or mobile number registered to your account

c/ a description of the data you are requesting , including any time frame

d/ a copy of a valid photo id - such as a passport

e/ proof of your address in the form of of a photocopy of a utilities bill or services provider valid within 3 months of the request

Identity verification.

This sounds ... but we need to know it's you and not a mate that on a binger decides its fun to steal your info or crash your account. Identity verification is in place to protect your personal data and will be required by butterfly life ltd before releasing any information.

All sorted then

Email us at

or write to:

Butterfly Life Ltd

Sandy Farm Business Centre

Sands Road,

The Sands,


GU10 1PX

If you are at any time unhappy with our processing of your personal data , you have the right to complain to the

Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)  at the following :

We would be grateful, however, if you have any concerns with butterfly, that you first raise these directly with us, as advised above.

Finally, if you have read, even skipped through to the end, YOU ARE A MEGA STAR ! but we think you should get out more - so enough of the boring if necessary legal stuff and get on and sign in to butterfly.

It’s time to create, discover and have fun.

Thanks from all of us in the butterfly team.